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Trin'Naz Helping Hands



About Us

Trin’Naz Helping Hands was founded in 2021. Our office is in Barstow, Ca. Trin’Naz Helping Hands, where lifelong goals become achieved dreams. Our primary mission is to grant independence and success to underprivileged and underserved communities in Barstow, CA. We operate on the 3E’s: Empowering, Enlightening, and Equipping. At Trin’Naz Helping Hands, we believe that individuals thrive when given access to adequate resources and when they are empowered to both do for and believe in themselves. We wish to go from a local uplifting resource to an unconventional model of what successful nonprofit looks like.
We are focused on helping the underprivileged and vulnerable. To best help our target audience, we will create stationary, mobile outreach centers, and teleconnection services. The goal will be to have multiple mobile outreach centers with one stationary center as the headquarters.

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